Size Matters

Compact H2S filter escape hood respirator

Avon NH15

  • Avon NH15 Compact H2S Filter Escape Hood Respirator
  • Offers Protection in Atmospheres with up to 5,000 ppm of H2S
  • 100 minutes of breakthrough against 5,000 ppm of H2S
  • Multiple belt and shoulder carry options
  • Can be worn by persons with beards, long hair and glasses
  • Compact Design –  Dimensions: 86 mm x 101 mm x 152 mm / Weight: 625 grams
  • Five Year Shelf Life
  • CE Marked – BS8468-3.2:2009 type 1

Cam Lock Middle East LLC are the authorised distributor for Avon Protection Industrial Products within the Sultanate of Oman and can supply these products as part of its Breathing Apparatus Maintenance Contracts.

The Avon NH15 H2S Filter Escape Hood Respirator is the most compact escape hood available in the market, it has low profile filters for reduced sagging and improved donning times.

The streamlined design minimizes the potential for grabbing when used in confined spaces by anxious people.

In emergency situations with poor lighting and visibility the NH15 provides a clear range of vision, and the reflective label on the hood allows users to be easily seen by rescue teams with emergency lighting.

Ideal for use in Oil Refineries, Chemical Facilities, General Industrial Applications, Truck/Transportation, Minning/Drilling Applications and Executive Protection.


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