Safety in seconds saves lives.

Life threatening situations require a rapid response.


  • Failure of air supply or release of toxic gases requires a rapid response
  • FAST-resQ is the breathing apparatus you need in an emergency
  • Connect to emergency breathing air system or portable air supply
  • Utilises Cam Lock’s quick donning FAST-mask – don in under 5 seconds!
  • Only when a face seal is achieved, does the harness automatically tension
  • Minimal moving parts means maximum reliability
  • Automatic mask fit also makes Fast-resQ ideal for unconscious casualties


The FAST-resQ is the perfect emergency breathing apparatus for a whole range of applications. Connecting to an emergency breathing air system or portable air supply, the FAST-resQ provides the wearer with a clean supply of breathing air in the event of air supply failure or release of toxic gases.

Utilising CamLock’s quick donning FAST-mask respirator mask, the FAST-resQ can be donned in under 5 seconds. The mask’s harness automatically tensions as soon as a face seal is achieved, for maximum speed and simplicity for the user.

Unlike other emergency breathing apparatus, the FAST-resQ does not activate on ‘first breath’ making the respirator perfect for use on unconscious casualties.

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