A breathing lifeline in any
hazardous operation.

The ultimate airline and escape combination.


  • RIG-walker – The airline/escape breathing apparatus 
  • Airline/cascade coupling for normal everyday use
  • Instant automatic switch over device in the event of airline supply failure
  • 10 or 15 minute duration emergency escape set cylinders
  • Audible warning device alerts wearer of air supply failure
  • Certification includes EN14593‑1 for PP Escape and Airline
  • Available with bandolier shoulder strap or back mounted body harness
  • Minimal moving parts for maximum reliability
  • Cowl version available for high protection factor operations and for wearers with facial hair

The RIG Walker is Cam Lock’s airline/escape breathing apparatus, perfect for use on offshore platforms and a range of other industrial applications. Designed for everyday use with an airline/cascade coupling, the RIG-walker respirator features an instant and automatic switch over device that activates if the normal breathing air supply fails, switching breathing air over to a cylinder.

The offshore emergency escape system is available in both 10 and 15 minute durations and features an audible warning indicating to the wearer that their respirator’s normal breathing air supply has failed.

The RIG-walker offshore respirator can be supplied in both bandolier shoulder strap and back mounted body harness versions. It is also available in a Cowl version for high protection factor operations and for wearers with facial hair.


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